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Choose the Right School for You

With the number of colleges to pick from, we know it can be overwhelming to find the perfect one for you. Go through these factors to aid you in the process choosing the best college for you.

Main factors for you to consider


  • College standards: GPA, ACT & SAT
  • What majors are offered?
  • Academic difficulty?
  • Prestige and type of college?
  • Job placement and alumni support?


  • Costs: Tuition, room and board, books
  • Academic scholarships?
  • Athletic scholarships?
  • Other scholarships and funding opportunities?


  • Distance? Suburban or city?
  • What is the campus environment?
  • Weather and temperature?
  • Local transportation and airports?
  • Family and friends in the area?
  • Travel costs to and from?
  • Distance to religious sites?


  • Level of the program?
  • Style of play? Formation?
  • What division does the program play in?
  • Scholarships available?
  • Roster size? How many internationals?
  • Is coaching staff full or part time?
  • What is the coaching style?

Size & type

  • Number of students?
  • How many students live on/off campus?
  • Average class size?
  • Faculty to student ratio?
  • Diversity of race, ethnicity, economics etc.
  • Religious affiliation?
  • Sororities/Fraternities

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